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A Koroga is a concept from Kenya for sociable people to get together, sit around a coal pit with a large tava or metal cooking plate to relax, cook and enjoy the evening with a few drinks.

The Indian community has resided in Kenya for hundreds of years and both cultural influences have been deeply intertwined to create this unique culinary experience. Most people like to show off their culinary skills but the Koroga is a joint effort where everyone will still get involved by adding in the ingredients and to Koroga, which means ‘stir’ in Swahili.


How does it work?

For your Kenyan Koroga experience we recommend that you book at least a day in advance and plan to stay for the evening as a Koroga isn’t a rushed experience, rather a chilled out and relaxed environment where you can cook at your own pace and pick up a culinary skill or two. For the perfect curry it can take about 3 hours to cook and your party can sit around the Koroga and enjoy a few drinks. When you have booked your Koroga you can choose whether you want to cook Chicken, Lamb, Prawns or Vegetables. The main ingredients that you are used to cook the base of an Indian dish include onions, ginger, chillies garlic and tomatoes. All the ingredients are freshly prepared before you arrive and we will bring them out when you are ready to start cooking your rich, succulent and tasty dish. As all the ingredients are prepared in seperate bowls you can choose how you would like to cook your curry. Our Nico's team will set up all the equipment needed when your party arrives so the Jiko (hot coal) is ready for you to start cooking. Everything you need is at hand including utensils, spice box and if there is anything else you need we are happy to help.

No two Koroga experiences will ever be the same and you will always have a different taste to your dish cooked. If you fancy a culinary experience with a difference then Kenyan Koroga at Nico’s at The Black Horse is for you.

Please call to make a reservation as a deposit will be required to guarantee the booking, see our terms & conditions.


"Sat in the beer garden, as always friendly staff and Fresh tasting beer. Happy days. Didn't eat this time round but other customers seemed to by enjoying themselves. high recommended." Durster, London

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